Animamus Living Art Salon NYC

Photographs from Animamus at Bushwick Open studios 2013 below;

animamus BOS3 animamus BOS2

The xvi artists are showing work in New York as part of a week long salon style exhibition at Culture Fix, curated by Ventiko

Animamus  Art  Salon:  A  Living  Gallery Culture  Fix, 9  Clinton  Street,  NYC

26  February  -­  3  March  2013

Opening:  Tuesday,  26  February  7  PM



The  Living  Gallery  at  Culture  Fix  is  a  weeklong,  salon-­style  exhibition  and  installation which  incorporates  work  by  over  50  artists.

Programming  will  feature  artists  in  residence,  performance artists  and  musicians  in  the  gallery  of  Culture  Fix. A  Living  Gallery  further  develops  the  ideas  of  the  original  Animamus  Art  Salon,  a  monthly  salon  that  travels between  venues. Created  by  Ventiko  in  2011,  over  two  years  of  programming  has  nurtured  a  supportive,  international community  which  allows  artists  who  work  in  a  variety  of  mediums  to  present  works  and  receive  feedback from  the  audience.

Exhibiting  Artists:
Emma  Andrea,  Adrian  Austin,  Erik  Berglin,  Erik  Bergrin,  Michael  Blase,  Laura  Blüer,  Catrine  Bodum,  Chris  Carr,  David  Chalkley, aro
David  LaGaccia,  Mariel  Victoria  Mok,  David  Powers,  Linden  Renz,  Emity  Rose,  and  Elina  Shnayderm
Jordan  Chlapecka,  Reece  Cox,  Alex  DeCosta,  Kyle  Depew,  Augustin  Doublet,  Hannah  Futers,  Erin  Goodman,  Joseph  Gurka,  Caro
Halford,  Kirsty  Harris,  Aimee  Hertog,  Miao  Jiaxin,  Jung  S.  Kim,  Amber  Lee,  JaeWook  Lee,  Jiyoung  Lee,  Jiyoun  Lee-­Lodge,  Karo
lina Magnusson-­Murray,  Quetzal  Maucci,  Kurt  Mcvey,  Julia  Miranda,  Mariel  Victoria  Mok,  Adina  Preston,  Misha  Poloskin,  David Powers,  Moorland Productions,  Laurie  Nouchka,  Araba  Ocran,  Jane  Oldfield,  Charley  Peters,  Regine  Romain,  Ellen  Robin Rosenberg,  Jonah  Rosenberg,  Paul  Stanley, Olivia  Swider,  Susanna  Thornton,  Jemma  Watts,  Sarah  West,  Brooklyn  Wildlife, Brenton  Wolf,  Ivan  Valtchev,  Ventiko,  Elizabeth  De  Vita,  Kennedy Yanko,  Timur  York  and  Alex  Zhaoguo  Zhang.
*All  programming  is  free  and  open  to  the  public.  Libations  and  Nibbles  from  the  Culture  Fix  menu  are  at  cost.
**Mounting  of  this  exhibition  is  Sponsored  by  567  Framing  ( For  more  information  please  contact  Ventiko  at
The  weeklong  A  Living  Gallery  exhibition  incorporates  a  whole  host  of  events:

Performance  Anxiety;  a  poetry and  prose  reading  brunch;;  a  movie  night  presenting  the  work  of  video  artists;;  a  day  spa;;  nightly  musical performances,  as  well  as  many  other  activities  encompassing  the  broad  range  of  artistic  endeavors showcased  by  Animamus  Art  Salon.

For  the  duration  of  Animamus  Art  Salon:  A  Living  Gallery,  the  gallery  at  Culture  Fix  will  be  decorated  with salon-­style  furniture  to  encourage  artists  and  gallery  visitors  to  engage  with  one  another  while  spending  time in  the  installation  and  to  join  the  artist  residents,  hostess  and  gallery  director  for  tea,  crumpets  and discourse  (Gloves  optional,  but  encouraged).
Animamus  Art  Salon:  A  Living  Gallery  Programming  Schedule:
Opening  Night  (Tuesday,  26  February)  7  PM Performances  by:    Jason  Anastasoff,  Ivy  Castellanos,  Christen  Clifford,  Valerie  Kuehne,  Dylan  Meek,  and PPL/Dreary  Somebody Curated  by  Panoply  Performance  Laboratory  and  IV  Soldiers
Wednesday,  27  February
Daytime  Programming:  Tea  Party  during  gallery  hours  1-­6  PM

Evening:  (Art)  Movie  Night  7  PM-­late Featuring  films  by:  Elizabeth  De  Vita,  Augustin  Doublet,  Rebecca  Gaffney,  Jenna  Kline,  M.  Lamar,  JaeWook  Lee,  Miles  Pflanz, Andrew  Sellers,  Tanguy  de  Thuret,  Anthony  Tino,  Lizzy  De  Vita,  and  Alex  Zhaoguo  Zhang.
Thursday,  28  February
Daytime:  Tea  Party  during  gallery  hours  1-­6  PM
Friday,  1  March
Daytime:  Trendy  Gems  Day  Spa  with  Genevieve  Belleveau  2-­6  PM Evening:  Performance  Anxiety  9:30  PM Featuring  Performances  by: Baxton  Alexsander,  Amazing  Amy  Contortion  Dancer,  Georgio  Carpet,  Jiwon  Linda  Choi,  Jacob  Cohen,  Erik Hokanson,  Jenna  Kline,  Valerie  Kuehne,  Birgit  Larsen,  Jill  McDermid,  Christine  Olson,  Jin-­Kang  Park,  Lorelei Ramirez,  Gorgeous  Taps  and  Jessica  Wasieleski.
Sunday,  3  March Daytime:  Reading  Poetry  Brunch  followed  by  Matthew  Silver:  The  Idiot  Circus  1-­5  PM Readings  by:  Adrian  Austin,  Chris  Carr,  Meredith  Degyansky,  Stacey  Engels,  Beth  Fiore,  Adjua  Greaves,  Nisse  Greenberg,
Evening:  Presentations  by  Animamus  Art  Salon  Exhibiting  Artists  7-­11  PM  with  a  musical  performance  by  M. Lamar  and  a  special  presentation  by  Christine  Olson.
Artists  in  Residence:
Richard  Bergeron  (visual) Reece  Cox  (visual) Augustin  Doublet  (film) Dylan  Meek  (music)


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