xvi publications, this is not the gallery

This is not the Gallery publication

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A comprehensive archive of our time on the ALAS residency, at Matt Roberts Arts gallery, summer 2012.​

Includes images, text/interviews with the artists & forewords by Matt Roberts and Paul Stanley.

Alas summer residents 2012​;

Catrine Bodum   |  David Chalkley  |  Hannah Futers  |  Caro Halford   |  Kirsty Harris  |  Karolina Magnusson-Murray  |  Susie Mendelsson  |  Hana Melly  |  Julia Miranda  |  Moorland Productions  |  Laurie Nouchka  |  Araba Ocran  |  Jane Oldfield  |  Charley Peters  |  Paul Stanley  |  Susanna Thornton  |  Ventiko  |  Jemma Watts  – A-N Blog  |  Sarah West



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