xvi is a group of 16 artists who have formed a supportive, generous and proactive network. Artists are often required to compete for dwindling resources and infrequent opportunities, but xvi work together to generate projects and extend our professional experiences. Although our practices, processes and personal philosophies may differ, we all have a common goal: to create and disseminate art.

Part of our methodology is to explore and develop the mutual support systems that artists rely upon to sustain an art practice. The organisational structure of xvi is non-hierarchical and its membership fluid, with involvement in specific projects changing across time and on a project-by-project basis. xvi members have their own individual art practices, which are challenged and enriched by the collaboration and dialogue within the group.
It is by working together that we hope to find out more about what we share. We hope to discover what it is that brings us together rather than what it is that separates us.









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