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The Magic Shop in conjunction with Meanwhile Space

The Magic Shop  

In conjunction with Meanwhile Space  

23rd – 27th April 2013

Private View – Tuesday 23rd April  5pm-8.30pm


TUES –  10-8.30PM

WED –   10-5PM

THUR – 10-5PM

FRI –      10-5PM – SCREENING OF DAISIES AT 1PM – Vera Chytilova’s classic film is arguably the most adventurous and anarchic Czech movie of the 1960’s

SAT –     10-5PM

Meanwhile Space, 197 – 199 Stoke Newington High Street, London.


10am – 5pm (Wine with small donations)
The Magic Shop, business as usual
1.30pm – Luke Norton – Poetry recital
Luke Norton is a Modern Romantic Poet
2pm – Susanna Howard – Poetry recital
Susanna Howard is a poet working with dementia patients to
weave their words into poetry.
3pm – Luke Norton – Poetry recital
3.30pm Caro Halford, Prescription Only – Live Performance
Through subtle performances Caro Halfords explores and articulates the mental affects and restrictions being housewife has on her.
4pm Eti Wade, Crib Strip – Live Performance
Becoming a mother affects an extreme and abrupt change in a woman’s life and these transitions informs the photography/performance Eti Wade makes.
4.45pm Caro Halford, Prescription Only – Live Performance”

Karolina Magnusson Murray’s piece, The Magic Shop anchors this exhibition. The artist has taken this known technique Magic Shop as a conceptual point of departure transforming the space into an 18th Century Medical style shop that is only open for men in their 50’s and 60’s, in which they can purchase human qualities. Her aim is to re-examine the worth of self-help and therapy as a motivation for the creation of Fine Art. As money is unacceptable, the customer and shopkeeper must find the appropriate remuneration for the purchase. Remuneration is usually in the form of qualities or facets of the self that need to be relinquished in order for the purchased item to be truly effective, or positive qualities that the store wishes to stock, and with which the customer is sufficiently endowed that he can afford to surrender some of that quality.

From the 23rd to 27th of April The Magic Shop will be open, and the xvi collective of artists will establish a welcoming Living Room/Salon environment. The xvi is a multi-disciplined collective engaging in a wide range of media including performance, painting, video and photography. The artists create work surrounding, gender, age, intimate relationships and what feminism means to them today. They further explore the various roles they take on in their daily lives (such as mother, father, daughter, housewife, author, artist), how these roles affect their mental health and the ways in which they inform the work the artists make.

There will be scheduled lunchtime talks, discussions, stories by local figures and feminists as well as performances by Eti Wade and Caro Halford; the local community will also be invited to contribute. The exhibition will be an open environment to facilitate dynamic engagement between different ages and cultures and further examine identity, social isolation, and intimacy, blurring the boundaries between audience, performer, reality and performance

Opening night (Tues, 23rd April) 5pm – 8.30pm  

Performances by: Eti Wade, Caro Halford  

Exhibiting Artists:  Fliss Barsky, Caro Halford, Kirsty Harris, Karolina Magnusson Murray, Julia Miranda, Laurie Nouchka, Jane Oldfield, Juan Jose Ortiz, Paul Stanley, Susanna Thornton, Eti Wade, Sarah West, Ventiko  

Creative Director: Karolina Magnusson-Murray

Art Director: Nicola Wake

For more information please contact

Karolina Magnusson Murray at;


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