The Other – xvi collective – Animamus Art Salon – MaverickExpo 2015

maverick expo xvi collective animamus art salon

The Other – 10-13 December, 2015

Maverick Expo OXO Tower Wharf, The Bargehouse, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH

Private View: Thursday, 10 December 5 – 10 pm

Performance Schedule on Thursday night

7pm, 8pm and 9pm: Kirsty Harris and cellist Hal Fulcher recording a live score to Sky Monster
7.30pm and 8.30pm: Caro Halford performing I Keep Losing Balance

8-9pm: Sylva Dean and Me – roaming performance

Friday 11th and Saturday 12th December 11am – 10 pm

Ventiko – Live photo shoot at 2pm on Saturday 12th

Henrietta Armstrong – Live drawing performance on Saturday and Sunday

Sunday 13th December 2015 11am – 5 pm


Animamus Art Salon in conjunction with xvi collective present The Other.

An exhibition featuring the work of international artists during the inaugural Maverick Expo, London 2015.

The Other as defined by eminent sociologist Zygmunt Bauman is ”Woman is the other of man, animal is the other of human, stranger is the other of native, abnormality the other of norm, deviation the other of law-abiding, illness the other of health, insanity the other of reason, lay public the other of the expert, foreigner the other of state subject, enemy the other of friend, them the other of us…”

Featured works explore the literal and abstract interpretations of this definition through various mediums and personal experience.


Animamus Art Salon was created by Ventikoin 2011 with the mission to create a safe, supportive and inspiring environment for artists of all mediums to debut and discuss their current work while encouraging audience participation. Animamus Art Salon seeks, in this digital age, to create a physical meeting space that will serve to foster the exchange of ideas, facilitate discourse, and create a sense of community.


Participating Artists;

Henrietta Armstrong, Holly-Anne Buck/Collagism, Sylva Dean and Me, Mars Gomes, Caro Halford, Kirsty Harris & musician Hal Fulcher, Luke Francis Haseler, J.A.Y. , Michael Maiello, Karolina Magnusson-Murray & Leon Platt, Adam Milburn, Julia Miranda, Jane Oldfield, Shuby, Paul Stanley, Anastasia Trahanas, Julia Warr, and Ventiko.


More about Animamus Art Salon and xvi collective can be found at and


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