Sluice Art Fair 19th – 20th October 2013

xvi collective are proud to present Secret Histories, a cooperative exhibition at pitch 19 as part of this years Sluice art fair.

Sluice is an artist/curator run art fair for young galleries and projects, co-directed by Karl England and Ben Street. Staged in a Victorian warehouse in Bermondsey, during Frieze week, Sluice 2013 is conceived as a diverse exhibition, embracing and building on the collaborative nature of the 37 participating projects. Rather than adhering strictly to the booths of the traditional art fair – the open plan nature of Sluice allows for dialogues to develop amongst participating artists, galleries and visitors.

47-49 Tanner St, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3PL.

18th Oct: 12 – 7pm Press and collectors private view (RSVP)

19th Oct: 12 – 9pm Open to public

20th Oct: 12 ­- 9pm Open to public (Closing private view from 6 – 9pm)

Secret Histories  

What is hidden, just out of view? We are all driven to try and explain our existences through the stories we tell. Often what we leave out is as important as what we choose to reveal. Like an old photo album where the absent pictures have left ghostly shapes on the paper and enigmatic text that hints at what was.

Artists in the xvi collective often work by appropriating visual imagery and ideas from the past – from popular culture, personal and historical sources. Some take a conceptual approach responding to how our movements are recorded without our knowledge or more formally and site specifically ­ – responding directly to materials that have been placed within a defined space. Others are concerned with how the various roles they take on in their daily lives inform the work they produce.

xvi performances during Sluice 2013

Caro Halford, Prescription Only:
Pitch 19
Friday 18th from 12pm -9pm on the hour
Saturday 19th Oct 12pm -9pm 3pm 4pm & 5pm
Sunday 20th Oct 12pm -9pm every 2 hours

Karolina Magnusson Murray, Magic Shop:
Roaming the Fair
Friday 18th 2.30pm – 3pm
Saturday 19th 3 – 4pm
Life Viewed:
Sunday 12pm-1pm

Sylva Dean & Me
Friday – 12pm -1pm Intermittently
Sunday 20th Oct – 7.15pm

laurie Nouchka,  xvi collective, sluice art fair 2013, london, art, artist

Laurie Nouchka – Walls on Walls project

sarah wets, xvi collective, sluice art fair 2013, london, art, artist

Sarah West


Charley Peters

Julia Miranda Brother Sun, Sister Moon 2013 Mixed media on hinged wood aprox 15x30cm

Julia Miranda

Hannah Futers

Hannah Futers

The Magic Shop_Hi_RES_1

Karolina Magnusson Murray

Jane Oldfield Flying High detail 5

Jane Oldfield

2. Carousel P Stanley

Paul Stanley


Kirsty Harris

zoe fudge, xvi collective, sluice art fair 2013, london, art, artist

Zoe Fudge


Caro Halford

CM_006 Popsicle_15x15cm

Moorland Productions


Sylva Dean & Me


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